What Does Balance Mean to You?

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”
-John Lennon

In my mind, balance is a healthy mixture of have-to-do’s and want-to-do’s on your To Do list. It’s not healthy, mentally or physically, for your life to be overrun by all the things you have to get done. You have to make an effort to incorporate the things you want to do into your schedule or it becomes dominated by your obligations. Imbalance can also occur in the reverse scenario in which you find yourself spending too much time lounging and putting off the things you need to get done. In either case, imbalance causes stress, anxiety, and negativity.

Balance can mean different things for different people. For the housewife, balance might be making the time between loads of laundry and taxiing kids to read a good book or go to the gym. For a business professional, balance could be regularly making an effort to completely unplug and focus on a hobby or even just watch a movie without interruption. It’s so important to be able to unwind and relax and take a moment (even if that’s all you can spare) to enjoy life.

When you create balance in your life, you have the opportunity to release stress and turn your focus to something other than work. Balance includes making time not only for yourself but also for the people in your life, whether it’s family, friends, or a significant other.

Here are some tips for achieving balance:

  • Achieving balance starts with setting your priorities. Identify what is most important to you; what do you value?
  • If you ever find yourself wishing you could do something, make time to do it! Pencil it into your schedule and make a commitment to yourself to make it happen.
  • Treat your want-to-do’s with as much importance as your have-to-do’s.The things you do for pleasure are often sacrificed to make more time for your obligations. Either schedule around them or save it for a different day, but don’t let the things you have to do take 100% priority in your life.

To a happy, healthy, productive life!

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6 responses to “What Does Balance Mean to You?

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  3. Stacy Kinion

    Great blog, so far! This is great writing and (surprise, surprise!) really clear and well-organized! You are crazy for taking on yet another thing, but I know you’ll do it exceptionally well–I’ll keep reading!

    • Michelle Fox

      Thank you Stacy! I’m really excited about this project. I will be posting new articles at least twice a week, so check back!

  4. Well done! Love the new header also. You are off to a good start. Keep it up! Bret

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