5 Ways to Add 10 Extra Minutes

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more time so you could do the things you enjoy? Finding the time to relax and unwind is crucial to achieving balance in your life. Here are 5 ways you can add 10 minutes to your day:

  1. Prepare for your morning the night before

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a moment to sit at the kitchen table and enjoy a nutritious breakfast, a hot cup of coffee and read the newspaper instead of running around in a rush trying to get yourself and everyone else ready for the day? Try doing a few things the night before instead of in the morning:

    • Set up the coffee maker. If it’s a fancy one, program the timer to go off 10 min before you wake up.
    • Pack your lunch (and/or the kids’ lunches)
    • Lay out the clothes and accessories you plan to wear
    • Take a shower
  3. Limit your time on social media sites

  4. Sometimes these sites can be a dangerous time drain. There have been times when I sit down to check my Facebook or Twitter, and before I know it 30 minutes have flown by! Don’t make it a habit to compulsively check these sites every hour. Limit yourself to two or three times, and don’t let it go any longer than 10 or 15 minutes.

  5. Get help with household chores

  6. As they say, “many hands make light work.” Create a teamwork system for after dinner clean up or a quick house straightening. You’ll be surprised how much faster you can get things done with a little help.

  7. Don’t enter a store without a list

  8. Create a shopping list and stick to it. If you enter a store on a mission, you won’t waste time wandering around trying to remember what you need.

  9. Avoid the “Where are my keys?!” scavenger hunt

  10. Pick a place to put your keys or you phone and make it a habit to put it there every time. When you do this, you don’t waste time searching through pants pockets or calling yourself trying to locate your misplaced things.

What would you do with 50 extra minutes in your day?

To a happy, healthy, productive life!



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10 responses to “5 Ways to Add 10 Extra Minutes

  1. I love tips 1,2 and 5 best. For me, getting everything ready the night before works great. I use a little bowl for my keys, wallet, and watch and keep it in the same place. Easy to find that way.

    • I always make sure my keys and phone make it back into my purse, but I guess men don’t have that luxury 😉 The bowl is a great idea! Thanks for your comment, Jackson! -Michelle

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  3. I think the most difficult thing for me is preparing for the morning the night before. I can always prepare food the night before but always fail to finish studying, pack my gym bag, or get my clothes together for the next day. Am I allowed to wish for an extra 24 hours in a day instead??

  4. peterthorburn

    Now that you have given us a few easy things to help us out, we only have to implement them! The social media site time-limiting is probably the hardest for many people.

  5. Great post. It’s amazing how I know I should be doing all these things but never seem to do them. Thanks for the reminder!

    What would I do with 50 extra minutes each day? Watch SportsCenter.

    • Thanks for the comment Brad. It’s really important to make time for the things you enjoy, even if it’s only 50 minutes to watch SportsCenter. For me, 50 minutes would give me just enough time for a 5 mile run 🙂

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