5 Tips for Staying Focused on Friday

I love Fridays. I may even venture to say that Friday is my favorite day of the week. There is usually less stress and a laid back energy in the office. Knowing that when the day is over, you are free for two days makes anything seem doable that day. But that is where the problem lies…how much actually gets done on Fridays?

When you are anticipating the weekend, your thoughts often wonder elsewhere. Here are 5 tips for staying focused at work on Fridays (at least until 5:00!):

1. Get to work a little earlier.

You can sleep in on Saturday.

2. Set a goal at the beginning of the day.

Make it something you must complete by quitting time.

3. Don’t make plans while your working.

Turn off your phone and reply to texts or voice mails regarding what you’re doing tonight or this weekend after work.

4. Take a few extra breaks.

When the atmosphere in the office is social, it’s hard to stay on task. Give yourself a little time to socialize so you don’t feel distracted, but come back and get to work.

5. Remind yourself that the more you get done on Friday, the less you have waiting for you Monday morning!

How do you stay focused on Fridays?…or do you?

To a happy, healthy, productive life!



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6 responses to “5 Tips for Staying Focused on Friday

  1. Michelle

    This is just what I needed this morning. In fact, I showed up five minutes early to work this morning, but forgot my badge in the car, so I couldn’t get into the building! Long story short, I ended up being “on-time” because it took five minutes to walk back to the car and get my badge. I’ll make sure to try the rest of your tips today as well.


  2. I usually try to make myself busier with motivational mood to make Friday fly fast and to prevent thinking about coming exciting weekend!

  3. Your suggestion #1, Get to work a little earlier is one that I follow. Also, I keep telling myself to work really hard and fast on Friday’s or I will be bringing work home with me.

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