7 Problem Areas in Need of Some Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of year for starting fresh. You start seeing new leaves on the trees and flowers sprouting, as Mother Nature cleans up the winter mess. Remember those piles and projects you’ve been putting off all winter? You know, those ones that you’ll get to once Spring comes. Well, tomorrow is the first day of Spring, at precisely 9:21 P.M. EDT in fact. I don’t know if Spring is in the air where you are, it certainly isn’t here in Reno, but it’s about that this time of year when a fresh start is needed in your own life.

Having trouble deciding where to start? Here are 7 messy places that could probably use some Springtime lovin’:

1) The car

If you live in a place where it snows, you probably have a nice dingy coating of road sand both inside and out.

2) The garage

Do you still have boxes of holiday decorations that haven’t been put back in the rafters? It’s time to clear a path so you get to your garden tools or bicycle without loosing a limb.

3) The bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet becomes the storage place for all extra toiletries. If you have multiple, half-used shampoos or lotions under there, combine them into one bottle and throw the rest away.

4) The closet

It’s time to make room for the summer clothes! Sort through clothes and shoes, and bag up at least one bag to donate. While your at it, it’s a good time to organize too!

5) The office

Once you’ve tackled the desk and filed/recycled/shredded the piles of paper, it’s a good opportunity to dust as well. This includes the electronics and behind the desk; that’s where the dust bunnies live.

6) The yard

If the weather is nice, it’s about time to start preparing for garden season. Trim the dead branches from bushes and trees, and rake the leaves from the lawn and planter beds. It’s time to get ready for the new growth.

7) The pantry

Sort and organize food so it’s easy to find. Check expiration dates, and make a point to either use or discard food that has been in there for awhile.

Where are your problem areas? I would love to hear about your Spring cleaning projects!

To a happy, healthy, and productive life!



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5 responses to “7 Problem Areas in Need of Some Spring Cleaning

  1. Adil

    Great post Michelle. I totally can use these advice.
    Thank you

  2. Megs

    I have trouble with my magazines! I never want to throw them away! So I bought a huge tack board to save my favorite articles, pictures and ideas! It’s hung up in my office, and the rest MUST go to recycling!

    • That is a great idea! You definitely don’t need the entire magazine. I leave my finished magazines at the gym sometimes to make someone else’s treadmill experience go by just a little faster 😉

      Thanks for the great tip!


  3. ireneyachan

    Great post, Michelle! What a great way to get the new year really started!

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