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Home Improvement Projects 101

My freshly stained kitchen and new paint!

As you may have read, I am officially a first-time home buyer! Tomorrow will be my third week in my new home, and man have I been busy. Things are finally coming together, and the new house is starting to feel like home. Last night, I actually got to enjoy my first bubble bath in my nice big tub that has been calling my name all along. It took this long because the painting, cleaning, moving, unpacking, and cabinet staining were calling my name even louder, screaming actually. But it’s mind-boggling how projects can consume you, especially when it’s something you are highly motivated to accomplish. I have found myself completely engulfed lately; I just zone in on a project, set an objective in my mind and go for it! Before I know it, it’s 3am, but at last, voila! My kitchen is done! There is something so rewarding about the sense of accomplishment you get when completing a goal. This is something my dad taught my when I was young.

You should have that feeling of accomplishment every day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from big projects, but you should feel like you did something productive. Not only do you get a sense of pride, but you also gain self-confidence and self-satisfaction that only you can create for yourself. It doesn’t feel the same when you watch someone else accomplish something. Not that you can’t feel proud of someone else, but there is something about standing back and admiring something that you actively created that feels so good.

Had I hired someone to paint my house, I would not feel the same sense of accomplishment and ownership as I do when I look around at what we did. I can’t take full credit here, because I had a lot of much appreciated help from generous friends, family, and of course my amazing boyfriend. It was a serious team effort and when I look around I am reminded of what an incredible support team I have. There is no way I could have done all this by myself, and I am truly grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. I have many, many more projects to come. I’ve been told it comes with the homeowner territory. I will definitely be learning some new skills along the way!

To a happy, healthy, and productive life!


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